TrafficMonsoon Strategy and Calculator






[My Stats with Trafficmonsoon:

Total Referrals: 345
Total Invested: $10,000.00
Total Earned: $57,837.00
Profit: 578.37%]






Here are some strategy I share with you to optimize your earnings. They are linked with the ad pack/sharing position service.

Grow Your Income and Advertising Power (100% Repurchase till first 55 days – Very Popular)

A very powerful aspect of the ad pack service is that you can grow your income and advertising power with it. Since you earn $5 profits when your sharing position matures, you can repurchase a new ad pack to get more advertising credits and generate another $5 profits. The more you repurchase, the more adpacks you get and the more profits you can generate.

TrafficMonsoon launched on October 10, 2014. Since its launch, the average daily earnings have been of $1 (2%) daily per active sharing position. This means that every active sharing position will earn you about $1 daily for 55 days, based on current statistics. So, 50 days after your adpack purchase, you will have $50 in your earnings balance, enough to buy a new ad pack!


TrafficMonsoon Ad Pack Calculator


I made this Ad pack Calculator to help my referrals manage their earnings on TrafficMonsoon and to help them reach their income/advertising power target. This spreadsheet calculator is based on a 2% ($1) daily earnings per ad pack.


(The 91%/9% column shows you the daily profits you can earn by following the 91%/9% rule). How it works is it’s shows what you can achieve by repurchasing new adpacks with 100% of your earnings for a period of time. You enter the adpacks you plan to start with and the spreadsheet calculates how many active adpacks and profit expectations you should get. All these calculations are based on an average of $1 daily earnings per ad pack. It’s accurate with the earnings we receive daily right now, but it can’t be 100% accurate since they can be higher or under $1 depending on the sales generated the day before.


Microsoft Excel 2007+

Click on below link to Open / Download

Trafficmonsoon_adpack_calculator 2007

Microsoft Excel 1997 – 2003


Click on below link to Open / Download

Trafficmonsoon_adpack_calculator 97-2003

*You only need to edit the D3 cell, under ‘Adpacks’ title. Enter the number of adpacks you bought or plan to buy and the spreadsheet will calculate everything for you.
**The calculations end on a 2 years period, since more than that would be too much speculation.

Maintain Your Income and Advertising Power (91% Repurchase/9% Cash out)

This strategy is very good to follow if you want to keep making a good income in the long term and keep a constant flow of new advertising credits. As soon as you reach your goal of active sharing positions count, you can use this strategy to maintain the number of active sharing positions you have and cash out your profits. The calculations are quite easy. You earn $55 per sharing position.
Each adpack costs you $50.
It means you make $5 profits per adpack purchase (when your sharing position matures). You can cash out $5 for every $55 you earn, so you will always be able to repurchase a new adpack while cashing out your profits.
The cash out ratio is of $5 / $55 = 1 / 11 = ~9% of your earnings. The easy ways to do this strategy based on your number of active positions:

  • Few active positions: Repurchase 2 adpacks with your earnings and cash out the next $10. Then, repeat the same steps.
  • More active positions: Repurchase 10 adpacks with your earnings and cash out the next $50. Then, repeat the same steps.
  • A lot of active positions: Repurchase 20 adpacks with your earnings and cash out the next $100. Then, repeat the same steps.


***You can choose your own repurchase/cash out plan, but if you want to follow this strategy you need to keep the 91% repurchase/9% cash out ratio.





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BONUS!!!       BONUS!!!       BONUS!!!       BONUS!!!       BONUS!!!




My Bonus offer consists of 2 parts (you don’t need to choose – they BOTH apply):



1. 100% Referral Commission Cash Back on your first purchase*!


You buy 1 ad pack for $50 – I send you $5*
You buy 20 ad packs for $1000 – I send you $100*
You buy 100 ad packs for $5000 – I send you $500*


* These Offers are only for 1st Purchase. Money Processor (e.g. PayPal, Payza etc.) transaction fee of 2% will be deducted while sending bonus.


With these above Bonus Cash gets to you from me – You can buy even more ad packs thus catapulting your earnings.


2. For every continues high value Ad Pack(s) repurchases by you – I will send you 50% of Referral Commission Cash Back*:


* For every repurchase equal or higher than $5000, I will send you 50% referral commission cash back. Money Processor (e.g. PayPal, Payza etc.) transaction fee of 2% will be deducted while sending bonus.


*These offers will most likely be time limited and I will adjust it according to circumstances. For example, when you build your account to around 200 ad packs, I will no longer be sending you any kind of bonus cash backs because it would simply cause too much burden on me.


How do I pay you:


I prefer sending your bonus cash backs via PayPal, but in some cases I can arrange Payza cash backs.


What you need to do:

1. Sign up / Sign in to Traffic Monsoon

2. Buy Ad packs

3. Contact me via E-Mail: (Subject line: “My Traffic Monsoon Bonus”) or Whatsapp on (+91) 7506 47 48 96 and send your Traffic Monsoon User name and purchased ad packs details so it will easy to fetch me.


Let me know that you purchased. Even better – contact me before purchasing so we can talk and answer any of your questions or doubts.


  • IMP: Those who are already joined Traffic Monsoon and Sponsor Name is also “TrafficMonsoon” but now want to join me under my Sponsor “AJIT” , You just login to TrafficMonsoon – Click on “SUPPORT” at the bottom of Dash Board page – Open Ticket – Subject “Change Sponsor” – Body “Kindly Change my Sponsor from TrafficMonsoon to AJIT”. It will take 24 to 48 hours – admin response on your ticket. Once it get changed then you are eligible to get bonuses offered by me, kindly contact me before sending this ticket if you still have any query, Regards :) 





Final Step: Register Free with TrafficMonsoon – (Click on below “Create Account” Button and complete registration:



Sign Up



Create Account














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44 thoughts on “TrafficMonsoon Strategy and Calculator

  1. I got an email saying i could start with a smartphone. I’m poor and up to my eyeballs in debt, but i got a smartphone. Can i start like this. I got NO money

    • Hi

      Smartphones have Dynamic IP addresses and Desktops have Static IP addresses so my 1st preference to use Desktop instead of Smart Phones



    • Hi

      No need of Password, You just need to add / change the value of ad packes in “D3” cell, Rest the Spreadsheet will Calculate the earnings from ad packs…



  2. Hi AJIT… are my sponsor btw! You and I have conversed a couple of times….but I have to agree with both Mohammed and Phil here- YOUR CALCULATOR?SPREAD SHEET IS WRETCHEDLY PASSWORD PROTECTED!! so no matter how hard a user tries to insert a digit of their choice in D3 cells OTHER THAN ON DAY ‘0’ YOU CANNOT! as a message pops up stating that it is ‘PASSWORD PROTECTED” and invites the user to enter the password….*sheesh arumba!…, what’s the password PLEASE?!!
    Where’s the love AJIT?!! from ‘cottonon’

    • Hi Jane…

      Just I rechecked my both spreadsheets and “D3” cell is working fine to edit any digit without asking password…

      Contact me on Skype: Ajit.c.g or on WhatsApp (+91) 7506 47 48 96

      I will talk with you to help



  3. I would like to thank you for your awesome information and calcualtor. As I do my “due diligence” on Traffic Monsoon I find your information very helpful… thank you! I have a question… I am curious, I notice that on Day 55 the original purchased ad packs fall off. Why is that? And, when I look at day 110 the ad packs do NOT fall off or at any other increment of 55 days. Why is that, why don’t they fall off?
    Best wishes,

    • Thanks Bob :)

      FYI :) its not an official calculator. To make it near to perfect requires lots of complicated formulae. I will do it in near future.

      Keep it simple as every ad pack matures in 55 days (or on $55 mature value per ad pack) n whenever u hv $50 in ur acc balance u can purchase a new ad pack.

      This calculator is just for knowledge purpose.

      Also revenue share generates on how many members purchase an ad packs per hour. So it will b always fluctuating.


  4. sir i am getting problem with it that when i clicking on 0.02$ it says ad is expired and and am unable to get more or less then 0.02$

    • You should be fast to click those $0.02 ads before someone clicks it as it works like first come first serve :) If you late – those ads will expire as people completes $0.02 ads first before $0.01 ads, Right :)

  5. hi Ajith,

    How Traffic monsoon will get the money see if we check it is annually it is 50 $ we can get 55% so how they will earn from our money, My concern is if some day they will lost all the money ????? they will stop this.

    What is the guarantee we can get our money back.


  6. Just give me some online business’s name who gives written guaranty to their members on assured earnings, This is business and profit and risk both are involved always. Invest that much which you can afford to loose, do your own diligences before participating in any online program

  7. Hi Ajit,
    Please could you mail me an unlocked version your Calculator so I can get a true picture of the compounded affect of a 91%/9% business plan over more years instead of just 2.
    Or if you prefer not to send an unsecured version please could you send me one that extends down to at least 5 years

    Many thanks

    • Hi

      No need of Password to unlock, You just need to add / change the value of ad packes in “D3” cell, Rest the Spreadsheet will Calculate the earnings from ad packs for next 2 years…

      Contact me on Skype: Ajit.c.g or on WhatsApp (+91) 7506 47 48 96

      I will talk with you first



      • Hi,

        I am currently using Traffic Monsoon and would like to access this spreadsheet but I am having the same problem being password protected. Could you please let me know the password to access it please.

        • Hi

          No need of Password to unlock, You just need to add / change the value of ad packes in “D3” cell, Rest the Spreadsheet will Calculate the earnings from ad packs for next 2 years…

          Open the Spreadsheet in Read Only view…

          Contact me on Skype: Ajit.c.g or on WhatsApp (+91) 7506 47 48 96



  8. hi ajit i cant understant strategies of TM because i invest 50 dollar after 55 days i will get only 5 dollar what profitable business will be it , if i invest 50 dollar in paidverts they will give me 75 dollar in less than one mont can u describe me briefly

    • Don’t compare TM with Paidverts at all as I have seen many ups and downs regularly in Paidverts specially frequently debt-swap loosing people their money… I was lucky that I not loosed anything but also not gained too much but wasted time… If I talk about TM.. It’s changed my life.. able to left my regular 9-6 job…. Recovered all money which I loosed in scam sites in my new beginning before 6 years… I earn more than $150 a day in TM… I have more than 300 ad packs in TM… If you buy only 1 pack will earn $5 extra after 55 days.. Fine… But If you buy at least 50 packs in start.. You will earn $50 a day.. enough to buy 1 pack every day… If you compounding packs every day till 40-50 days then you will see the magic of earnings in TM )))

  9. Hey would you mind letting me know which web host you’re working with? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different internet browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most. Can you suggest a good internet hosting provider at a fair price? Kudos, I appreciate it! kbebbecdgdeg

  10. Terrific work! That is the kind of info that are meant to be shared across the web. Shame on Google for now not positioning this publish upper! Come on over and discuss with my site . Thanks =)

  11. Hey Ajit,

    Are you going to sign up to Traffic Hurricane? I would like you to be my sponsor so I can receive a RCB on my first purchase.


  12. Hi Rodney,

    Its a carbon copy of Traffic Monsoon and we know TM is on hold, Thanks to SEC. Its still a new rev share. People are not aware with it.

    What measures have they gone through so affiliates money doesn’t get frozen a few months down the road?

    I am not sure…

    Is there any external income sources coming to the company? I would proceed with caution with this…

    There are still some good old rev shares in this industry are doing well like MPA, MAS, 10AdsPay. You can join any one of it. You will get RCB on your first purchase :)



  13. Thanks Anjit. I will need to test out the top ad pack purchase in MPA and/or My24HourIncome though with 1 ad pack purchase first. Then I will purchase A LOT after that when satisfied with the daily earnings. So is it possible to get the RCB on my second purchase with you instead? Also would I get 100% RCB on both MPA and My24HourIncome if I sign up to both of them with you? Thanks!

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