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Top HYIP Sites




HYIP is an abbreviation of  “High Yield Investment Program”. The principle of working with HYIP’s is very simple.

You sign up on the project’s website, open an account in an international Electronic Payment System (EPS) like Perfect Money, PAYEER, PAYZA etc. and invest money in this project (starts from $10).

Starting from the next day, you will start receiving a predefined profit to your account. The interest is paid either daily, weekly, monthly, or at the end of the deposit term along with the principal amount. The percent fluctuates from 0.3% to 3% per day, and from 9% to 60% per month. Within a short period of time you compensate the invested money, and then start receiving net profit.

Major Sources of Income for High Yield Investment Programs:
1. Investments on the Foreign Exchange Transactions market FOREX.
2. Various companies stock trade on international exchanges.
3. Participation in manifold commercial totalizators, sweepstakes, pools etc.
4. Investments in high-yield business.

The programs’ owners invest the participants’ funds in high-yield projects, and enjoying their off-shore status, make tax less profits. As a result, they accumulate enough profits to maintain the HYIP itself and to pay interests to their investors.
For example, the rate of capital turnover at FOREX is much higher than in off-line businesses, hence it’s possible to conduct several tens of high-yield transactions daily.
The really earning money HYIP’s are at most 15% of their total quantity. The other projects are Ponzi schemes that work on the principle of a continuous investments number increase, as all the payments are made using investors’ money. At one point, the situation is that the new investments aren’t enough to pay interests for the previous ones, or there are no more investments into the project at all, thereafter the project shuts down.
Nevertheless, some of such programs live long enough, sometimes for years. And those people who began dealing with them from the beginning make huge profits. The investor’s goal is to determine a project that would exist at least 4-6 months, to double-triple his initial deposit and then withdraw his money.
There are special sites surveying the HYIP’s activity. They’re called HYIP monitors. There you can fond the lists of HYIP’s and information about payments and issues. The monitors are the main advertising space for investment projects. Unfortunately, a lot of monitors attribute higher ratings to scammers for a fee, and put the sign “Paying” for the programs that already stopped paying several days ago.
Why? Because even after having stopped paying, some projects keep paying dividends to the monitors’ owners. The monitor shows that the project is working successfully, and part of investors, based upon this information only, make their investments in already closed projects.
Therefore, one should get information from different sources, primarily – on the investments forums.

Interest payment methods
1. It is possible to set the daily interest payments to be credited to your account at once. The principal is returned only after the expiry of the deposit term.
2. Your account is credited with profit daily, and at the same time the principal amount is also returned piece by piece. That means that your principal is not to be returned after the expiry date. A good means of reducing the risks, as the project is detaining less and less of your money day by day.
Withdrawals may be instant, on the investor’s request and on the days, predefined by the project itself. The mode of withdrawal on request is mostly used. Query processing time – from a few seconds up to 2 days.

Deposit periods
At most, if you deposit money for 30 days, it means “business days” (working days). It is normal, because financial markets don’t work on week-ends. In this case, your principal will be returned after 40 calendar days at the soonest. Other terms: 7 days, 90 days, 150 days, 180 days. On one hand, investing for shorter periods reduces the risks, but on the other, one must withdraw and reinvest money more often, and that’s a loss of time.
Income estimation example
For example, a project promises 1.5% per day for a 90 working days deposit. There are 22-23 working days on the average in a calendar month, i.e. the real deposit term is 120 calendar days, hence your income per calendar month would be 1.5 x 22 = 33%.
If you invest $1000, you will be receiving $330 every month. The total amount at the end of the term will be $1320 or about 135% (apart from your principal).

Compound interest
Let’s say, you have $500 in all. And you invest them in a project that pays 30% monthly. Even at such a wonderful rate you will get $150, not a big money. All that remains for you is to regret: “If I invested $100K, I’d have received as much as $30K!”
But as you don’t have 100K, try to make the most of what you’ve got.
So, investing at the rate of 30%, you’ll have already $650 after one month.
Let’s place them again at the same 30% – after 2 months your initial $500 will be turned into $845.
Let’s repeat this operation 10 more times. After 12 months you’ll have $11649 in hand. Your initial principal will increase 23-fold! Of course, we should make allowance for eventual losses, but even at the most pessimistic scenario you will multiply your money several fold.
Another way of reinvesting:
If you place your money not for a month, but for 60, 90 or 150 days, then all your profit received for 1-2 weeks may be reinvested in other projects right away. These would be smaller amounts, but they will start making profit immediately instead of remaining useless on your account.

Is it worth dealing with HYIP’s?
Any business is a risk. There’s nothing guaranteed and certain in business inherently. As an example – economic crises, major banks and companies bankruptcies, permanent oil, gold, real estate price fluctuations.
From this point of view, a high-yield deposit differs from a low-yield one only in that in the first instance the investor knows that he’s running a risk and, therefore, secures himself to the utmost, and in the latter case the loss in income or of money is like a bolt from the blue.
Furthermore, one can receive a more o less substantial profit on secure investments only placing large amounts. If you open a bank deposit for $1Mio at the rate of 6%, your annual income will be $60K or $5K per month – good money. But how many people have a spare million?
Investments in securities may return up to 40-50% yearly, but to be able to have at least 2K per month one must put at least 60K.
Hence, investing in HYIP’s is often the only way to earn serious money having a modest initial capital.

How does the working day of a professional investor look like?
An investor should:
1. Visit the projects’ websites where his money is invested, and request withdrawal of the profits earned or the principals. If such projects are more than 10 and the daily interest per project doesn’t exceed $5-7, I’d recommend you to do that once every 3-5 days. You will spare a lot of time and nerves in such a way.
2. Transfer the earned money from EPS to your bank account or convert into cash.
3. Exchange, if necessary, one e-currency for another, for example, Perfect Money for PAYEER.
4. Study other projects’ offers and take a decision on new investments. For this purpose, you should read reviews and comments about those projects on various forums, monitors, get acquainted with the projects’ websites.
5. Sign up with new projects and make a deposit.
6. Take a decision on reinvesting funds in the projects you already works with successfully (if the deposit term expired), or withdraw your money.
I personally give to this work 3-4 hours every 3-5 days.



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