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In my daily activity of seeking new ways to make money on line, I’ve found some time ago, the revenue sharing sites (also known as rev share programs or rev shares in short).

Quite sceptical at first about this business model, I avoided to join any of them for some time. However, at a certain point I fell to the temptation to make some easy money without selling anything and with referring people as something optional, and I’ve joined to my first revenue sharing program.

Now, I am happy I did it, because if you find the right program, you can make a lot of money with a minimum effort, clicking 10 ads once at 24 hours and repurchasing these sharing positions.

These programs occurred like mushrooms lately, and if you don’t know which one of them really pays, you can only waste your money. The revenue sharing sites are not an investment opportunities as a lot of people tend to mistake them. All you do is purchasing advertising services and thanks to their profit sharing programs, you earn money when the revenue generated by the website is shared to the members who have active sharing positions.

Each time you purchase a sharing position, you receive advertising credits, credits that you can also use to get exposure for other programs you are in. You get quality traffic after purchasing these shares. If you are a bit creative with your banners, if you use a video with auto play option on your opt-in page or if you write really catchy headlines, you can get some opt-ins or even sales with the enough amount of traffic.

Yet, if this kind of advertising will not help you to get too many sales, it is pretty good to get referrals for similar revenue sharing sites. If people are already in a rev share, it is very likely that they will also join another similar profit sharing site. So, if you use the cross promotion, you can get referrals and build multiple rev shares at the same time without spending too much money.

If you purchase other forms of advertising from revenue sharing websites, you will get better results. I’ve purchased some PPC banners and I had opt-ins and a few sales for Lead Lightning. And that is very cheap traffic compared to Facebook ads, Bing traffic, or Google Adwords.

To save you from losing your time and money, I’ve done a quick list with the best revenue sharing sites for coming years. This is a personal list and I’m not saying that there aren’t other good revenue sharing programs out there. My list is based on my personal experience with some of them, on payment proofs from other people and from myself and on other people’s opinion including mine own.





mypayingads logo


1) My Paying Ads * King of All Revenue Share Sites *


This revenue sharing program is my hot favourite. It was launched on March 30, 2015 and since then, it made a lots of people happy.

This rev share has a very trusted and sincere admin. His name is Uday Nara and he is from Singapore. Uday has some future plans to turn My Paying Ads into a long-term program and he is very active in his Official Facebook Group of My Paying Ads.

The way the share plans are structured and due to the great support of the people registered into this program, My Paying Ads reached in only a few months 1,89,189  members and has paid $15332862.24 to its members (statistics till Aug 24, 2016).

Not to mention that more and more revenue sharing sites started to copy its model. My Paying Ads is therefore a trustworthy program who pays on time.

There are multiple plans for the sharing positions with prices for every man’s pocket. The share prices are increasing slightly with each plan. The lowest plan starts with share that worth $5 each and maturate at $6. The shares from the highest plan cost $50 each and maturate at $60. There is no Monthly Membership Fee. Also No-Repurchase Rule. Great :)

If you refer other peoples into this program, you will earn 10% each time they purchase shares. Referring people is completely optional, but this can really sky rocket your earnings.

Once you understand the business model, it’s very very easy to make a lots of money with My Paying Ads.


  • Revenue Sharing For Every Ad-pack up to 120% Rewards.
  • $5 Minimum Cash out and $200 Max Cash out Per Day!
  • Quick Payments; Payout Requests Are Processed Everyday!
  • Ad-pack Plans For Everyone’s Advertising Needs!
  • View 10 Ads Daily in the Traffic Exchange to Claim Revenue Sharing!
  • Earnings from Paid-to-View Ads!
  • Daily 2% ROI
  • No Membership Fee!
  • No Repurchase Rule!
  • 10% Referral Commissions!


[My Stats with My Paying Ads:

Total Referrals: 53
Total Invested: $700.00
Total Earned: $1,836.00
Profit: 262.28%]


DOWNLOAD PDF: How-to-get-started-with-MPA-Step-by-Step

CLICK HERE: My Paying Ads Guide

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2) MyPayingCryptoAds * 1st Crypto Currency Revenue Share *



Launched Date: 10th Nov 2016
Total Members: 15,445 (As on 10th Nov 2016)



People always ask me, give something worth to join, an online program where we will have less chance to get scammed. As I always made people aware that any online program has their own risks n rewards so always join it by due diligence.

As an Online Entrepreneur since 6 years, My experience says that this new launch in Revenue Share Industry is 100% worth to join (By Owner of MyPayingAds – Uday Nara).




The owner is considered as one of the honest owners the industry has found in 2015. He made a revolution in rev share field. The Owner is proven trustworthy with his current Rev Share program which is running successfully since March 2015, paying 2% per day without any issues and Payments are always on Time.


His new launch has almost same pay plan, only the change is payment processor which is Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is a popular Cryptocurrency and one of the most widely used payment methods online these days.


Cryptocurrency has taken the online world by storm and for good reason. When Bitcoins first came into effect they were valued at a mere $5 per bitcoin. Fast forward 5 years to 2016 and now they are worth more than $700 per bitcoin. This surge in value is predicted to increase further for the foreseeable future so much so that all major banks are investing their resources into this field.


Crypto Currency is the only solution to many of the issues we experience with regular payment methods. With full transaction traceability, military grade cryptography, low transaction fees, pretty much being available anywhere in the world and you can quickly understand why Cryptocurrency is becoming the preferred payment method online today.


Thousands are joining every day, it’s launched today and while writing this post, total members crossed 15,445+ that too in just few days so you can imagine the popularity of this new launch among people.


Cash Bonus: If program pay plan allows me, I offer referral cash bonus to my paid referrals on their 1st purchase of adpacks as a Goodwill Gesture :) In this new launch I am offering 100% RCB (Referral Cash Back) on 1st Adpack(s) Purchases. e.g. If you purchase 1 Bitcoin (avg $700) worth of Adpacks, I’ll offer you 0.10 Bitcoin as a Referral Cash Bonus…


Summary of PayPlan


120% activity reward on ad pack positions with quality crypto currency user traffic

6% Referral Commissions On Adpack

10% Referral Commissions On All Advertisement Services

100% withdrawable cryptocurrency commission on sale generation

0.01 btc (avg 7$) Minimum Cash Out and 1.0 btc Max Cash Out Per Day

Quick Payments; Pay-out Requests Are Processed Every day

Cost of 1 Adpack: 0.01 BTC (avg 7$)



To know more about MyPayingCryptoAds: CLICK HERE


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3) 10AdsPay * AVG Business Partner and Refund Policy *


Launch Date: June 2016
Total Members: 9,150
AVG Business Partner
14 days REFUNDS policy*
No Membership Fees
No Repurchase Rule
PayZa Card Providing Soon


Ad pack start from as low as $2
Daily ROI: up to 2%
Revenue share rewards up to 120%
10% referral commissions
Withdrawals are enabled 7 days a week and paid within 24-48 hours
Minimum withdrawal is $5
Maximum withdrawal per day is $250
Payment Processors: Payza, 2Pay4You, Bitcoin, SolidTrustPay and Perfect Money



This is one of the stable and long term pay plan same like a MY PAYING ADS. This is a good opportunity after My Paying Ads. The company is associated partner with AVG Technologies as well they are selling their products on 50% discount rate. Mr. Firoz patel, the vice president of Payza was the chief guest in official launch of the website, this is second company after Traffic Monsoon where Firoz Patel was a chief guest.

In  10AdsPay Business plan there is practical ROI (Rate of Interest) and the daily returns are based on actual ad sells. They are giving 110-120% ROI with 1.5% to 2% daily returns. There is no repurchase rule as well.

One more good thing about 10AdsPay is, they will get steady growth. What is happening to most of the rev shares right now?? The most of people are joining in starting and steadily growth is decreasing and that’s going to result in collapse of the company. So question here is how it will get steady growth?? The reason is they are more focused on offline marketing like seminars and meetings in different countries rather than only depend on online marketing. Most of the big companies like TM and MPA are doing this.



[My Stats with 10AdsPay:

Total Referrals: 11
Total Invested: $500.00
Total Earned: $671.00
Profit: 134.20%]



To know more about 10AdsPay: CLICK HERE



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4) TheAdsTeam * Branded Retail Affiliate Programme *


Launch date: October 15, 2016

Total Members: 7489blank


NO Monthly Membership Fees

NO forced Repurchase rule

Upto 120% Revenue Share

Sustainable business model for long term success

The Daily cap is set at 2% for $50, 2.25% for $25, 2.5% for $10 AdPacks

Members Can withdraw $10 minimum – $300 maximum daily

Accepts Payza, Perfect money, Payeer ,Bitcoins and SolidTrustPay

Referral commissions on 5 levels deep (8%, 2%, 1%, 1%, 1%)

You can earn extra cash for viewing PTC ads

Retail Affiliate programs (Amazon, Adidas, GoDaddy etc)*

Professional, experienced management, registered in Dublin

Presentation videos, PDF’s, Training videos already in place

DDOS Protected, SSL Secured



This program and group seems very organized, Revshare was planned since 8-9 months, everything seems to be in place already, looks good…

The program has got 800+ signups in like 24 hours which is a record in the last few months except in the case of My24HourIncome. Almost everyone is promoting it after understanding the benefits of the program.

The domain registered almost 5 months ago and during the last 5 months, the admins were constructing the website. The design is pretty good and they have designed member overview too. They got a nice animation explanation video in their home page. Even the member page has that touch which we can understand by seeing ‘How it works’, ‘affiliate program’ links which are custom done.

The admins are real and they are doing videos and webinars. They are UAE based and have their real profiles.

They have done pretty well in advertising section as you might have seen already if you are a MPA member. They have purchased at least $2000 of advertisement in MPA alone, if I am not undervaluing.

Even if all these features are on a program and is still not having main leaders, the program won’t work out. In the case of The Ads Team, they already have main revenue share leaders which confirms that the program will grow constantly.


To know more about TheAdsTeam: CLICK HERE


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my24hourincome logo



5) My24HourIncome * Registered Company in Canada *



Everyone earns Commissions even with ZERO Referrals – Daily !


Launch Date: August 20, 2016
Total Members: 36,366
Owner: Drew Burton


20 Reasons To Join My24HourIncome:


Registered Company in Canada
No Membership Fee
No Repurchase Rule
High Quality Advertising Services With GeoTargeting Options
8 ads needed to view daily to earn revenue
Payments Accept : Payza | STP | PerfectMoney | Payeer | Bitcoin
12% One level Commission Structure On Ad Pack Purchases
Minimum Deposit / Withdraw: $5 / $10 USD
Ad Pack cost start with min $5
Max Withdrawal: Unlimited per day
Unlimited Withdrawals Open 7 Days A Week
Stable Payplan for Longterm Profit.
Well Known & Trusted Rev Share Earner as an Admin
World’s First 100% Free Referral Commission Pool
Unbelievable Top Producer Mentoring ~ Secret Facebook Group
3 Levels hourly Distributed Sales Revenue (Up To 120% Position)
Low Stable Ad Pack hourly Earnings (1.8%-3.8% Daily Cap)
Licensed Affiliated products as an additional income source
Earn by Clicking Paid To Click Advertisements
0% Fund Deposit Fee



It’s time for us to take an advantage from one of the experienced online marketer for choosing this new revenue share site, My24HourIncome, the site from the famous marketer Drew Burton. He is a top earner of ClikDelivery and has earned over $20k in referral commissions itself from 400+ referrals. His Facebook posts are being loved by the whole industry. He trains people to play in revenue shares and he chooses only long term rev shares to promote. That’s a clue!

Everyone was having high expectations since Drew announced that he will start his own revenue share site. No surprises there, the site is getting the same response in par with the expectations. The site grabbed 200+ members in the first hour itself and it’s growing like crazy.

The advantages of the My24HourIncome is that we have an admin who knows what he is doing and has real experience on the rev shares. The majority of the websites falls down due to the greed and inexperience of admin once the site launches. Being a top earner in good rev shares, Drew already is earning pretty well and that’s a benefit.

The plan is of long term view with no repurchase rule. Repurchase rules give stability to rev shares in the first 3-4 months and after that, it only has negative effects. That’s the main reason why the top rev share MyPayingAds changed their plans to no repurchase based. The overall ROI of My24HourIncome changes from 110% to 120%, daily cap from 1.8% to 3.8% and ad packs from $5 to $35 which gives site long term stability.

I think, My24HourIncome will be a good stable revenue share site which will stand for long long months. 1 to 2 months of 100% repurchasing is a good strategy. We will be expecting 150%+ ROI from this rev share and with the popularity it gets, the profit would increase. As always, you may expect an email from me regarding the plans to repurchase and withdraw. The time when you start withdrawals matters!



[My Stats with My24HourIncome:

Total Referrals: 13
Total Invested: $200.00
Total Earned: $287.00
Profit: 143.50%]



To know more about My24HourIncome: CLICK HERE


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myadstory main logo

6) MyAdStory * Unique Features and External Revenue Sources *


Today My Ad Story is a 150 days old revenue share program which has been stable in their overall performance since the launch. As you have seen I am only promoting long term and stable rev shares and MAS is the one I can’t left it behind.blank

The main attraction is the owner cum marketer, Mahmoud Cherif. He has plans to conduct webinar and meetings at all major cities in the world and it already has started. When something like that is happening, you know the owner is here to stay and is trying his best. These days Mahmoud really doing well to keep MAS on high level. We rarely come across such owners who tries to grow their website when they already have 11k+ members and over $1 million dollars as total add fund amount in reserves.blankblank MAS MIXER Concept – THE ONLY PROGRAM WHERE YOU DO NOT NEED REFERRALS TO EARN REFERRAL COMMISSIONS… How… IMAGINE… Everyday you have the chance to earn 5% commission from another member, even if he/she is not your referral… Everyday, a different referral will be placed under you, just for that day, randomly, and you earn 5% commissions on ALL the purchases of that downline member,for that day ….(To Qualify For The Mas Mixer Option You need to Purchase at least One $50 Advertising Pack)blankMAS has external revenue sources too. They recently started “MyFivePay” which is an Online Digital Micro Jobing Network.

blankAs long as the program has more than enough reserve funds (which is healthy today and growing upward), external revenue sources and a never-quitting owner, I should believe in this program. Shouldn’t I ? :)



Launch Date: April 09, 2016
Total Members: 12,875
Owner and Founder: Mahmoud Cherif (Studied Computer Science at Moncton University in Canada), 5 Years of Corporate experience as an IT

blank NO Monthly Fees
No Admin Fees
Cost of AdPack(s): $1, $10, $25 and $50
Revenue Sharing Rewards: 110% Upto 150%
Repurchase Rule: 25% Upto 50%
Referral Commission: Upto 8%
Daily 1%-8% ROI Earnings on your Total Active Ad Packs
Min / Max Add Fund Amount: $5 USD – $1500 USD
Min / Max Withdraw Fund Amount: $10 USD – $500 USD (Mon-Fri)
Add Fund requests: Instant
Payouts / Withdrawal requests: Within 24 hours from request
Payment Processors: Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money , Payeer and Coinpayment

MAS MIXER: Everyday you have the chance to earn 5% commission from another member even if he is not your REFERRAL (Member Need have at least one active $50 ADPACK)


To know more about MyAdStory: CLICK HERE



[My Stats with MyAdStory:

Total Referrals: 9
Total Invested: $200.00
Total Earned: $383.00
Profit: 191.50%]


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Sorry I have not mentioned other Rev Share sites in the above list as I had not found any other trusted and right timing program which deserves the spot in TOP 10 REVENUE SHARES SITES.









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