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ClixSense * King of All PTC Sites *


My Total Referrals: 259blank
Since February 2007
Total Members 65,55,776


Earn Cash without Investment
Payment Processors: PayPal, PayZa, NETELLER, PAYTOO


Start earning through:

1) clicking ads
2) paid surveys
3) Micro Tasks
4) Offers
5) Games
6) Referring Others
7) Contests


ClixSense was established on February 2007. It was initially founded by Steven Girsky but the ownership was handed over to James Grago or Jim Grago on May 2010.

ClixSense is one of the most popular and most stable PTC / GPT site today. There are a lot of ways to earn money from their programs and everyone has a potential to have a steady stream of income from them.

ClixSense started as a PTC site which only rely on viewing ads to earn money, but as time goes by they added more programs like completing offers, playing grid, doing tasks and taking surveys. They transcend from a PTC website into a full blown GPT website, which makes them a “Hybrid”, which means they offer many ways to earn money from their website other than viewing ads.

Most PTC sites today are following their footsteps by turning their businesses to a hybrid platform. Not just because it’s cool, but because it makes their businesses more stable and they make more money for every tasks and surveys done by their members. In addition, it attracts PTC fanatics to join them because they can have additional income by doing simple tasks.

From thousands of PTC sites, many claim that you can earn huge amount of money from their website, but most of them are scammers and only few are legit. And amongst the few legit PTC, GPT websites only fraction of them can offer decent steady income, and ClixSense is one of those.

If you’re looking for a “get-rich-quick” scheme, then ClixSense is not for you. But you can earn decent money from




What Is ClixSense?
ClixSense is a “Paid To Click” website or PTC Site where you can earn money by viewing ads. You can also advertise you website or product from them for a reasonable price.

It can also be considered as “Get Paid To” website, also known as GPT site, because your earnings doesn’t rely on viewing ads alone. They have other programs like ClixOffers, Tasks and Surveys which will give you opportunity to earn more money.blank

How To Earn From ClixSense?
Sign up to ClixSense and login to your account and that’s it, you can now start viewing ads and do some task to earn extra cash.blank

How Am I Going To Be paid?
You will be paid through electronic cashouts. You can choose any of the following: PayPal, Paytoo, Payza and Neteller.blank

Who Can Join ClixSense?
ClixSense accepts members above 16 year of age, but some countries are restricted like Afghanistan, Antarctica, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Vietnam.blank

Is ClixSense Free To Join?
Absolutely FREE! no hidden charges! :D.blank

What’s The Average Daily Income?
The overall daily income varies, it entirely depends on your activities.




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