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* Very Important: You need an account(s) with below e-money processors in order to get your earned money (dollars $ / BTC’s) in to your Local Bank account or in Credit Card / Debit Card accounts with your National Currency. Its absolutely Free to sign up (Register) with these Payment processors.


Click to know more and sign up with:


PayPal (Select an “Individual Account” while sign up)

Payza (Select “Personal Account” while sign up)

Solid Trust Pay (Select “Personal Account” while sign up)

Payeer (Enter Active Gmail/Yahoo Email id while sign up)

Coinbase (Enter Active Gmail/Yahoo Email id while sign up)




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* You need an account with at least any one of from above e-Money Processors  which is a must require while registering on my below recommended websites to withdraw your earned money $$$. It may require while filling registration forms.





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Revenue Sharing – Big money, big chance


On revenue sharing sites, you can receive higher incomes than any online PTC (Paid to Click) sites. On these sites, you have the chance to buy Ad Packs. Buying Ad Packs goes with advantages. On the one hand you get ad credits, with the help of these can promote your website, referral links and referral banners.

On the other hand, buying Ad Packs is an investment. This investment brings you profit. The measurement of the profit is different on every revenue sharing sites. There are sites, where the profit is 10% while there are others, where it is over 50%. The profit, which is paid by the admin of the revenue sharing site, is from the income of the site. Revenue sharing sites have to 2 types. On passive revenue sharing sites, you have to buy Ad Packs and there is no other job for you. The system adds profit to your account every day automatically. The active revenue sharing sites operate similarly as the simple PTC sites. You have to watch ads in order to get your share. So, you have to work for your money. Those who forget to watch ads don’t get a part of the profit. It is worth to prefer the active revenue sharing sites, because usually, they remain on the market for a longer period of time and operate a little more reliable.

A revenue sharing sites is able to operate profitably until the sum of the deposits are greater than the sum of the cash outs. Unfortunately, we don’t know in advance that an admin how much a clever businessman and fair. As a result, don’t invest all your money into only one revenue sharing site, rather than work on at least 4-5 sites. In this way, you can reduce risk and make profit in the long run.

Revenue Sharing – Begin the work like this

On the revenue sharing sites registration is free, you can start the work without investment. However, if you really want to earn money then it’s worth to invest at the beginning to make profit for yourself as soon as possible. The price of an Ad Pack is different per site. There are revenue sharing sites where the price of an ad pack is $1 while there are others where it is $50. Of course, you can buy more ad packs at the same time. It is worth to start with a minimum investment of $20-25. If it is possible, start an investment with even hundreds of dollars. On revenue sharing sites, you can increase your income if reinvest your benefits. It can bring you more and more dollars.

If you want to earn more money, collect referrals. A good referral, on revenue sharing sites, can bring you more income than on the simple PTC sites. Of course, you can work without referrals, in this way you can also earn money. On most of the revenue sharing sites, you can upgrade your membership, this is another source of income.

Every Revenue Sharing Site is different

The operation of revenue sharing sites are similar to each other, but each site functions a little bit different, rules are variant. On almost every site, there is a “How it works” menu or any description about how to make money on the given website. Before starting the work, definitely read this description. If you know the site you work on, you can make more money, because you can take advantage of all the opportunities. This can be applied to each revenue sharing site. On one site it is worth to invest, on the second is worth to click and on the other to collect referrals. The FAQ (frequently asked questions) and TOS (Terms of Service) menus are also contain useful information.


Admins are continually try to find out something new in order to make their own revenue sharing sites more attractive to the users and to get more income. This is really positive, because every on line worker would be happy, if these sites would stay alive for the longest term. On many revenue sharing sites, play and win are also available besides investing and clicking. On some webpages the “Referral Marketplace” appeared, where the users can buy or sell direct referrals. The traffic exchange is an attractive possibility for those users who want to advertise free. Admins are more and more inventive, the series of innovations will probably continue.


Many revenue sharing sites exists which operated more than a year. Thus, there are still those sites where it is worth working. Before a bigger investment, always wait until the site pays to someone. Always invest only that much money, when in the case of losing this amount, don’t cause problem. In the revenue sharing business, don’t trust in any admin completely. As soon as possible, make more money on the best sites. This is the winning technique.

Practical guide

1. After a new revenue share program gets launched, it is worth to register immediately and watch the ads every day. With this, at the beginning you can collect points and earn money. Braver users can invest a smaller amount of money.
2. After the first payment proofs appeared on the internet, only after it worth to invest a greater amount of money.
3. It is worth to reinvest a part of the profit in order to have greater benefits.
4. You should promote the revenue sharing site in order to collect referrals and so get more benefits.

Symbols and features

Ad Price : The price of an Ad Pack (Can say Share Price).
ROI (Return on Investment) : Here you can see the % of profit on an Ad Pack you receive.
Paying : Means that the site operates reliably and pays.
New Site : New Revenue Sharing Site. As soon as the first payment arrives, the site gets into a paying status.





!!! Top Revenue Share Sites: CLICK HERE !!!

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  • DISCLAIMER! – My Website provides information and explanation ONLY! This site is not intended to be investment or financial advice. The information expressed is available through each program site and is not my own nor it is opinion. Any outcome is the responsibility of the affiliate and not of my own. NEVER “SPEND” MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE. ALWAYS do your own due diligence. The programs featured on this site are Advertisement Platforms and NOT Investment Vehicles. All purchases made within a program are for “Ad Space” and not “Investments.” ALWAYS READ EVERY PROGRAM FAQ’s!








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